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ANY LAB TEST NOW® is your local lab testing partner.  Take charge of your health today!

  • Convenient
  • Work-friendly hours
  • No appointment necessary
  • No doctor’s order needed
  • Confidential and anonymous
  • Most test results available in 24 – 48 hours

Drug Testing: Any Lab Test Now offer several types of drug tests, from standard 5 and 10 panels to customized drug panels.  We are able to test a variety of biological and non-biological specimens for different detection periods, including rapid tests, saliva, urine, hair or nails.  Also ask about our alcohol, occupational exposure and other toxicology testing services.

STD Testing: Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are caused by infections that are passed during sexual contact.  Often times, these infections won’t cause outward symptoms and can only be detected through laboratory testing.  Any Lab Test Now is here to help – anonymously and confidentially.  Symptom free doesn’t mean disease free, which is why we offer a comprehensive menu of STD tests.

Male and Female Wellness Testing: With today’s healthcare environment, it is more important than ever for you to take charge of your health.  You can take control through proactive wellness testing, on your terms. Any Lab Test Now offers a wide variety of tests, such as cholesterol, thyroid, hormones, and micronutrient testing; as well as gender specific tests that include PSA and pregnancy testing.

DNA Testing: Family relationship DNA testing can be an emotional experience, which is why you need a locally-based provider to support you through the testing process.  Any Lab Test Now offers DNA tests for establishing paternity, providing evidence for immigration cases, and other family relationship questions.  Other DNA tests offered by Any Lab Test Now include forensic DNA, infidelity testing, and genetic predisposition DNA testing (not available at all locations)

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