Diversity in the Workplace: How It Benefits Our Company

It’s easy to look at the news headlines and become depressed and jaded about the violence, the political scandals and the conflict that seems to arise when diverse groups of people (race, nationality, gender, political party, etc.) come together. But I would like to offer up a different view of diversity, one that I have watched unfold over the last ten years at Any Lab Test Now.

When I was first hired as COO of the company in 2007, I was the only woman on the executive team. That didn’t really resonate with me at the time, since I had come up through the ranks in the technology industry and was used to being one of the few — or only — females in a sea of middle-aged white men and maybe a few Asian men.

Fast forward 10 years, we now have an all-female executive team (not by design), and 75 percent of our workforce qualifies as a minority in some way. In our home office, we are African-American, Asian, Latino, LGBTQ, we are women and men from 22 to 60 years old, and we live in different parts of the melting pot that is Atlanta. In short, we are a diverse group. And it is wonderful!

Our company has experienced more than 100 percent growth in the last five years, and while there are several factors, the inclusive work environment we have where different types of people contribute and feel valued plays a part.

Here are a few of the ways in which our diversity makes us “better together” and a stronger company for our franchisees and customers.

We Are…

…more productive employees. When you have workers of different generations sitting side by side, everyone benefits. I have watched a millennial raised on technology help teach an older counterpart how to navigate new technologies; I have watched older employees who have been working since they were 15 years old teach those millennials about accountability and how to navigate workplace issues. The expanded knowledge that comes from diversity makes everyone more productive.

…providing better customer service. We have a marketing team, but our secret weapon in providing great customer service comes from our diversity. Having bilingual employees obviously helps in communicating with our customers, but we also benefit when our different employees identify with different customer demographics and share those customers’ perspectives. Our marketing efforts and customer service become much more tailored and responsive to our customers’ attitudes and behaviors.

…more creative. This is probably the most fun for me, to watch and listen to all the great ideas that emerge when you turn up the heat on the melting pot. Case in point, the annual company conference can easily get stale with speaker after speaker, and a reliable chicken dinner. This year, our employees added a creative spark to tried-and-true convention practices by promoting a silent auction featuring handcrafted, interesting or unique items donated by members of the ALTN family. I donated embroidered tea towels that I made, and all proceeds will benefit a local children’s hospital in our host city. I appreciate our employees working to make this “educational party” a fun, interactive and engaging experience for our franchisees. I love seeing their creativity at work!

…enjoying a positive reputation in our communities. Our diverse workforce has a momentum of its own that enhances our reputation in our geographic community and the franchise community. We have become an example of not just a woman-led company but one that welcomes and encourages any person who fits our needs and our core values, like integrity and accountability. Many of our employees refer their family and friends to us, and we can hire good people on the recommendation of people we trust. When potential franchisees come in for Discovery Day, they see that we don’t all look the same. We welcome diversity in our franchise owners and can offer them a diverse support system in our home office.

That’s not to say being diverse hasn’t come with some bumps in the road. It has. There can be awkward moments, misunderstandings and a general lack of awareness about people/places/ideas that are new to us. But those bumps provide us an opportunity to educate one another about different cultures and perspectives. Ultimately, we become more sensitive, more respectful, and happier when we are at work. I can’t wait to see what our company looks like in 10 more years!

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Don’t Let Your Wealth or Your Health Be Forgotten

Life just seems to pick up the pace when the cooler temperatures of fall arrive. School starts again and all the extracurricular happenings that go along with it! The holidays come around one after the other. It seems like no sooner are you taking down the Halloween decorations that you’re putting up the Christmas tree! It seems that as the days get shorter our to-do list gets longer. It’s easy for important things to slip between the cracks and the next thing you know, poof! You’ve forgotten all about them

Any Lab Test Now® would like to remind you about two of those important items that should move to the top of your priority list: your wealth and your health. And believe it or not, you can take care of them both at your local Any Lab Test Now.

Let’s Talk About Money

OK! So it’s bad manners to talk about money, but let’s get real! When it comes to many Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA’s), it’s “Use it or lose it!” When you’re trying to stretch every dollar, it’s hard to justify letting a couple hundred dollars (maybe more!) disappear, and that’s what happens when you don’t check your FSA account and use the money that’s in it before the end of the year. With a few exceptions, most FSA plans DO NOT allow you to roll over unused funds to the next year. So, what happens? One minute you’re carving a pumpkin, the next you’re trying to decide whether a sweater or a scarf would make a better Christmas gift for Grandma and all the while you’ve totally forgotten the cash balance on your FSA card.

Any Lab Test Now hasn’t forgotten, and it’s in the best interest of your health for you to remember as well! Here’s why.

Your Health is Your Priority

When it comes to your priorities list, your health should be pretty high on it! Any Lab Test Now can help you with our fast and convenient testing services. Our lab testing services are:

  • Convenient – just check here for a location that is near you.
  • Open – we have worker-friendly hours and are even open on Saturdays.
  • Easy – you don’t need an appointment. Just walk in!
  • Fast – most customers are in and out in 15 minutes or less.

And maybe most importantly, Any Lab Test Now accepts Flexible Spending Account cards.

Maybe you’ve put off your annual check-up lab work because you just haven’t had the time. Maybe you’re struggling with your weight and you’re not sure where to start. Whatever your health issues are, the experts at Any Lab Test Now can guide you in the right direction — the one that will provide you with the information you need to take control of your health!

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Any Lab Test Now! — Making An Impact On Your Health

Who makes an impact on your health? It could be your doctor, a nurse, your parents or your spouse. Making an impact on health is at the heart of this year’s National Health Education Week (October 15–19). Started by the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) back in 1995, National Health Education Week (NHEW) focuses on increasing national awareness on major health issues and promoting a better understanding of the role of health education. This year, they’re focusing on the importance of future health education specialists and their vital role in improving consumer health and wellness.

Any Lab Test Now® is proud to be on the frontlines of health education because we believe that YOU are one of the people making the largest impact on your health. Working with you, the experts at Any Lab Test Now can provide you with the critical information you need to take control of your health, whether it’s proactive, reactive, or monitoring. We help you find the information you need.

Any Lab Test Now is on the frontlines of a healthcare revolution! We are the first direct access lab testing services company, making it easier for consumers to manage their own health by offering a variety of testing options to choose from. We offer thousands of testing choices that range from clinical lab tests, to paternity and DNA, to toxicology, and more:

ANNUAL CHECK-UP PANEL – Our Annual Check-Up Panel is the perfect panel for evaluating your overall health. With this test, you’ll get information on everything from your cholesterol levels, to your thyroid function, to blood glucose numbers. It includes:

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)
  • Lipid Panel
  • TSH
  • Hemoglobin A1c

ALLERGY TESTS –From environmental to food allergies that can show how mild to severe you are to those allergens. The experts at Any Lab Test Now can help you decide which of our many allergy tests would be right for you!

DRUG & ALCOHOL TESTING – We offer more than a dozen different options that screen for drug or alcohol usage. This testing has become more and more important to employers and parents alike.

TEST FINDER – With so many options, it can be overwhelming. Use our Test Finder to learn more about some of our most commonly ordered tests. Still not sure? Just contact the nearest Any Lab Test Now location and we’ll talk you through the process.

Each test page includes a description and important information that will not only educate you, but also help you make a decision.

How important is it for you to take control of your health? You only have to look at the faces of those that love and depend upon you to find that answer. Work with your health care providers to make sure you’re at your best — but also be aware of your role in educating yourself when it comes to your health. Working together with Any Lab Test Now you will find that awareness and information may make the biggest impact of all.

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