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Facing An Adult Illness With Childhood Protection: Are You Still Safe?

It’s part of the back-to-school routine. School supplies… check. Lunchbox… check. Immunization record… check. For the majority of families, vaccinations are just a part of childhood. The shots provide children with immunity from everything from measles to chickenpox. Particularly the … Continue reading

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Keeping Connected to Franchisees

At 26 years old, I was the VP of Client Services for a technology start-up and thought I was learning all there was to know about managing people and customers. Then I started in the franchising industry in my 40’s … Continue reading

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A Tiny Mineral With A Big Purpose: Why Your Magnesium Levels Are Critical

It’s been linked to issues ranging from sleepless nights to type 2 diabetes, but most people aren’t even aware of the importance of their magnesium levels. It’s not a headline-grabbing topic to be sure, but you may be surprised by … Continue reading

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