What Leadership Means to Me

Throughout my life, I’ve worn many hats and had a wide variety of leadership roles. As I’ve grown, my view on leadership has developed alongside me. There are many ways to approach being a leader, but for me, I prefer a firm but empathetic stance. I strive to see continuous growth through incremental improvements. I don’t expect to see a massive change overnight, but as long as my team is improving, I feel like I’ve been a successful leader.

My First Job

Everyone has to start somewhere; for me, that was as a dishwasher at Dot’s Country Kitchen out in Jasper, Alabama. Being a dishwasher is anything but glamorous, but it’s where I first realized the importance of the motto “Always do your best!” While I was far from in a management position in that kitchen, I knew I could still make an impact. I wanted to be the best dishwasher I could be. No matter your role, you can always lead by example. Through working hard every day, I showed others the importance of a strong work ethic. You don’t have to be the boss to be a leader.

My Corporate Experience

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some truly amazing leaders throughout my corporate career who have helped me develop my operational and service skills. These have been natural fits for me because I genuinely enjoy solving problems and creating order. Those tendencies shine through in my management approach. I don’t take a back seat to leadership; I dive in, build relationships and help create order. Leadership is about serving the team and our franchisees to help them achieve success. As a leader, you can’t be lazy or selfish – you have to lead by example.


Finally, I’ve learned that leadership isn’t something that simply stops when the work day is over. One of my most important leadership positions is in my home. I have four children aged 14 to 25, and it’s definitely my priority to be fully engaged with them and set a good example. As my family has grown, I’ve worked hard to maintain a good work-personal life balance and stay active in the community. I want my children to understand the importance of hard work, challenging yourself and committing to a project, whether that be a school assignment or running a company.

To me, leadership is many things. It’s being there for your team every step of the way and guiding them to success. It’s knowing when to ask for help. It’s doing your best and being a positive presence so that you’re leading by example.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on leadership. How have you led by example? What have you learned from others whom you consider to be leaders?

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Do You Know What’s Up?

Since 1995, National Health Education Week has been celebrated during the third full week of October. It is hosted by the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE), and its purpose is to increase national awareness on major public health issues while promoting a better understanding of the role of health education. This year, October 16 – 20 marks National Health Education Week.

The week’s theme celebrates “Scaling New Heights: Health educators know what’s up.” It aims to get people talking about how the role of a public health educator is changing and how modern-day public health professionals impact community health issues. From Tuesday’s Twitter discussions (Interested? Follow #NHEW at 1 PM EDT.) to Wednesday’s webinar on the importance of advocacy, the week is packed full of information and online events. Professionals are also encouraged to create and promote local events that are tied to National Health Education Week.

At Any Lab Test Now, we’re doing our part to spread the word about contemporary health issues and how health education specialists work to solve them by raising awareness on topics such as teen drug testing, increased levels of cholesterol and hormone imbalances. Like health professionals with other areas of focus, Any Lab Test Now strives daily to be a dependable and convenient resource for your health and wellness education.

We’re here to help you Take Control of Your Health®. Any Lab Test Now offers testing that will allow you to establish a health baseline through our precise lab analysis. The tests will help you uncover “what’s up” with your own health so that you can work with your doctor to feel your best each day.

We offer health solutions specifically tailored to your needs:

Women’s Health: You keep the household running on all cylinders, but are you taking care of your health? At Any Lab Test Now, we offer lab tests you need to monitor your health, including but not limited to Hormone Tests, Vitamin D Levels, Menopause Screening Panel and Hemoglobin A1c.

Men’s Health: We get it: The doctor’s office isn’t your preferred hangout spot. Any Lab Test Now takes pride in getting you in and out as efficiently as possible. Our testing includes Diabetes Screening, Testosterone Test, Micronutrient Test, Thyroid Panel and so much more.

In addition to personalized testing, Any Lab Test Now recognizes that many of our customers are faced with having no insurance or high deductibles. Our lab tests are both affordable and transparent — you know what you must pay up front instead of receiving a surprise bill later.

This October, join us in recognizing National Health Education Week by stopping in to your local laboratory testing center to discover “what’s up” with your health. It’s for the betterment of the community and the environment, as well as you and your family!

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: What Can You Do to Help Fight Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer affects us all, one way or another. Whether you have had it, know someone who has had it or know anyone worried about having it in the future, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is meant for you. Every October, people across the nation take steps to raise awareness about breast cancer and what can be done to help the millions of people affected by breast cancer every year. This year, we invite you to participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month by getting screened for breast cancer, or encouraging someone else to do the same.

Screening Saves Lives

Over 220,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, and of those women, it is estimated that about 40,000 will die from the disease. One of the best ways to fight breast cancer is to get screened for it yourself, and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Finding breast cancer early through mammograms and other screenings could reduce the number of breast cancer deaths by as much as 40 percent! Think of the lives that could be saved if you make a habit of regular breast cancer screenings while bringing awareness to others in your life as well.

If you are a woman, it is recommended that you be screened for breast cancer every year after the age of 40. However, there are reasons a woman under 40 may want to consider a breast cancer screening as well, including:

  • Having a strong family history of breast cancer.
  • Having a personal history of breast cancer.
  • Having the gene mutations BCRA1 or BCRA2.

Though it is less likely, men can get breast cancer too, with about 2,470 new cases diagnosed each year in the U.S. If you are a man with certain risk factors for breast cancer, such as a strong family or an inherited gene mutation, it is a good idea to get screened for breast cancer. If you are concerned about your risk for breast cancer, talk with your doctor about options for early detection and what you can do to lower your risk.

Schedule a Breast Cancer Screening Now

Any Lab Test Now offers several testing options for those who are concerned they may have breast cancer or simply want to become better informed about their breast health.

The Cancer Screen and Tumor Marker Panel for women is a great option for women who are concerned they might have cancer. This panel tests for the most common cancers.

If you have already been diagnosed with breast cancer, the Breast Cancer Monitoring Panel can help you and your physician monitor your cancer treatment and recovery process.

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let’s try to beat breast cancer, one screening at a time — starting with yourself! Contact the experts at Any Lab Test Now to learn what testing options are right for you, and encourage others in your life to get screened for breast cancer, too. Remember, early detection saves lives!

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