Cholesterol 101

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that is important for your body to have to function properly. The problem with it is if there is too much cholesterol in the blood, the buildup in arteries can form blockages which can lead to dangerous heart problems.

Types of Cholesterol

High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) is considered “good” cholesterol and what your body needs. You want a high percentage of HDL in your test results. Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) is “bad” cholesterol and low test results are ideal. The CDC reports that 71 million American adults have high LDL levels.

Preventing High Cholesterol

To reduce or maintain cholesterol levels:

Get Tested
Having high cholesterol doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have symptoms to let you know, which is why it’s so important to get tested. Be proactive and get your cholesterol checked. The American Heart Association recommends all adults age 20 or older to get their cholesterol checked every 4-6 years.

September is Cholesterol Education Month. We would encourage you to continue learning about cholesterol by talking with your MA at your local ANY LAB TEST NOW® or by reading more here.

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Why You Should Know About Sickle Cell Disease

According to the White House, approximately 72,000 Americans are living with Sickle Cell Disease and 2 million Americans carry the genetic trait for the disease. As the most commonly inherited blood disorder in the United States, it’s time to raise awareness. There’s no better time than September to do so, as September is deemed Sickle Cell Disease Awareness month.

When diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease, red blood cells become curved, causing the cells to pass through blood vessels easily and carrying oxygen throughout the body. Curved blood cells can get stuck, block blood vessels and can prevent oxygen from getting through. Sickle Cell Disease can cause many long term and short term issues. To learn more about side effects, read here.

The most common side effect results in anemia. Getting tested and encouraging others to get tested for Sickle Cell Anemia is important, to stay ahead of such diseases. Normal results show no Hemoglobin S, the most common type of abnormal hemoglobin suggesting Sickle Cell Disease, in the blood. High results suggest a trait of Sickle Cell Disease or the actual disease.

To learn more about Sickle Cell Disease, visit

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Find Out What Happens Every 4 Minutes In The US

The unfortunate reality that every 4 minutes, 1 person in the United States is diagnosed with a form of blood cancer, is heartbreaking. Those who are diagnosed, rely on the selfless donations of others. Our hope in participating in Blood Cancer Awareness Month is to encourage more people to register as bone marrow donors, which may result in an increase in finding a match for those in need.

Only 30% of people diagnosed can find a matching donor in their family. The remaining 70% of people lean on the kindness of people whom they have never met, who have chosen to make a difference and donate their blood.

There are many types and varieties of blood cancer including, but not limited to Leukemia, Lymphoma and Multiple Myeloma. The reality is that these types of blood cancers are extremely harmful and can really take a toll on an entire family. To learn more, visit

This September, Blood Cancer Awareness Month, make the choice to become registered as a bone marrow donor. Registering is as simple as completing paperwork, and having the inside cheek of your mouth rubbed with a soft swab.  You never know the impact it may have on someone’s life.

Any Lab Test Now is proud to offer donation centers nationwide through our partnership with Delete Blood Cancer. To find an Any Lab Test Now donation center, visit

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Become a Lifesaver, Get Involved In Blood Cancer Awareness Month

Every year, the Leukemia and Lymphoma society observes Blood Cancer Awareness Month. This month is dedicated to making efforts in finding cures and provides treatment for blood cancer patients. The goal is to raise awareness and support from individuals and the research process. Progress towards finding a cure is exponentially increasing, and donations are necessary in this progress. Medical researchers believe that they are on the brink of discovering a cure. Thus, we must strive to keep the momentum strong and flowing. 

Get involved with Blood Cancer Awareness Month and see the difference that your donations can make! It is as easy as donating blood, time, and funds to bring help to those who desperately need it. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society provides access to becoming involved. Take a look at the ways that you can become involved and start today!

At Any Lab Test Now, we are partnered with Delete Blood Cancer. This is an easy way to become involved as a bone marrow donor. Many people are unaware of the steps to donation and how simple it can be. Ready to donate? Find a location to donate here.

“Someday we will cure cancer, but today you are helping us save lives”

-Louis J. DeGennaro, LLS CEO

Whether you are donating through Delete Blood Cancer, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, or a local organization, you are making a difference in the fight against blood cancer. Help raise awareness towards the fight against blood cancer and see the extraordinary impact that you will have on the individual lives and the future.

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Know the Facts About Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle Cell Disease affects millions of people worldwide and is the most common inherited blood disorder in the United States affecting 70,000 to 80,000 Americans. Alarmingly, 1 in every 500 African-Americans are born with sickle cell disease. With such an alarming statistic, it is important to be aware of the disease and its symptoms.

Sickle Cell Disease is a disorder that affects hemoglobin, the molecule in red blood cells that delivers oxygen to cells throughout the body. With this disorder, people have abnormal hemoglobin molecules which distort red blood cells into a sickle shape. Symptoms of sickle cell disease vary from person to person. Although the presence of the disease is often caught at a young age, some people have very mild symptoms that go unnoticed.

If you feel as though you or a loved one might be experiencing one or more of the symptoms of sickle cell disease come into our office for a sickle cell screen, especially if you are an athlete with an upcoming season. Symptoms of the disorder can become severe and lead to hospitalization and even death. As the most common blood disorder, it is important to get tested and know for sure.

The only known cure for sickle cell disease is a bone marrow transplant. These transplants are reliant on individual donations.

“Tiffany needed a transplant to beat sickle cell. After a two- year search, she found a donor and her life was saved!”

Many stories like Tiffany’s are found thanks to the donation of bone marrow from individuals.Want to help the cause and donate? At Any Lab Test Now, we have a partnership with Delete Blood Cancer. Donating bone marrow has become easier than ever with Delete Blood Cancer and similar organizations. Take a look at how simple it can be and find a location here.

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Have You Had Your Annual Check Up?

When’s the last time you had your health checked?

August 11 is Annual Medical Checkup Day. Preventative checkups can catch problems before they start. Your age, family history, lifestyle choices, and other important factors determine the types of checkups that are recommended for you. By getting the right health services, screenings, and treatments, you are taking steps that help your chances for living a longer, healthier life!

August 10th – August 16th is Health Center Week. This is a time set aside to celebrate community, migrant, homeless, and public housing health centersSome of the successes that are celebrated are their ability to provide affordable, high quality, cost effective health care to underprivileged people throughout the United States. During this week, we should take the time to be thankful for the health care providers in our community.

Celebrate life and health by scheduling your annual checkup appointment todayAnnual Checkup Day is the perfect opportunity for you and your family to have a preventative medical check-up that will keep you healthy longer!

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Important Immunization Facts for College Students

This year, America’s colleges and universities are welcoming back record numbers of students. If you’re one of the more than 21 million undergraduates¹ attending school this fall, you know that proof of immunization is an important requirement. And since August is also National Immunization Month, now is the perfect time to learn more about which vaccinations you’ll need.  Before you can step foot in the classroom, make sure you’re up-to-date on these shots.

REQUIRED (varies by state and institution, so check with your college)

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella)
  • Meningitis
  • Hepatitis B
  • Varicella (chicken pox)


  • Influenza (flu)
  • Td (tetanus, diphtheria)
  • HPV (human papillomaviruses)

Minors will need to get parental consent before getting caught up on any immunizations they might be missing. If you aren’t sure which vaccinations you’ve already had, speak with your doctor to obtain a medical history. Or, you can obtain proof of immunization through a lab test, such as MMR titers or Varicella titer testing.  Some diseases – chicken pox, for example – will not require additional immunization if you have already been sick.

¹ U.S. Department of Education Institute, National Center for Education Statistics

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Be Mindful Of This Potential Danger If You’re Expecting

Pregnancy and the birth of a newborn comes with an overload of emotions including joy, anxiety and excitement. As July is Group B Strep Awareness Month, this serves as an opportunity to shine a light on something to be mindful of with your new addition to the world.

Group B Strep (GBS) is a type of bacteria that is naturally found in the digestive tract and birth canal in up to 1 out of 4 pregnant women. The danger with this bacteria, is that it can affect a fetus prior to birth up to 6 months due to underdeveloped immune systems.

It’s important to know if pregnant mothers can pass the disease on to their child. A sign is what could be mistaken as a yeast infection, due to the similar symptoms. If you experience these symptoms, you should be seen for an exam and possible GBS testing.

If you feel like you may be at risk for passing GBS onto your child, you should get tested. Even if you don’t feel like you are, it is highly recommended to get tested at 35 weeks. If the results come back indicating that you do have GBS, IV antibiotics should be administered when labor begins. Be sure to proactively plan ahead, if a short labor is a possibility, and ask your doctor if a late third-trimester penicillin shot as a backup is right for you. Be sure to communicate that you have GBS and your doctor will be able to help you determine the best way to protect your child.

Without being tested, there is no way to take proper precautionary measures in protecting your child. If you are expecting, get tested in honor of Group B Strep Awareness Month and bring awareness to friends and family.

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How To Encourage Your Employees To Get Fit, Give More & Live Well

Managing healthcare expenses for employees has become top-of-mind for employers today especially due to the Affordable Care Act. The utilization of these three innovative, yet simple tools is a helpful way to make it easier for employers to support their employees and to encourage employee wellness.

Charity Miles
Charity Miles is a free mobile app that combines healthy living with charitable donations. Its GPS-enabled platform tracks the number of miles walked, run, or biked, then calculates a dollar amount to be donated to one of nine participating charities. Earn $.25 for every mile run or walked and $.10 for every mile biked!

Registered users can launch the app on any Android or iPhone, choose the charity that will receive their donation, and turn their fitness routine into a way to help the community. Charity Miles is funding the first $1 million donated, then anticipating continued corporate sponsorship as the app’s popularity grows.

Sonic Boom
Sonic Boom’s approach to employee wellness is based on the simple idea that healthy habits practiced on a daily basis are key to increased employee productivity and lower healthcare expenses for employers. Through motivation via friendly competition, this all-inclusive service focuses on gamifying and incentivizing fitness. The company asserts that up-front program costs to the employer are continually offset by healthcare coverage savings and real ROI. Try utilizing this fun, interactive approach with your employees. is one of the largest resource bases of free wellness programs available to employers. In addition to a library containing over 15,000 free resources like handouts, brochures, and policy recommendations, the website provides specialized tools for addressing important concerns that range from heart-health and smoking cessation, to safety and stress-management. Browse the full library to learn more about how your business can get started today.

The Affordable Care Act has brought an immense amount of change in this arena, so taking proactive steps and utilizing free services is extremely helpful. Employees, and people in general, have more of a responsibility to manage their healthcare and healthcare budget. Creating and optimizing employee wellness programs is one step in helping employees to effectively manage their health.

These three resources are a great step in improving and encouraging employee wellness in your workplace. There is a plethora of information on employee wellness on each of these resources. It’s beneficial for all involved as it can help save employers cost on medical expenses and it can help employees better manage their health. Although these three were featured, there are many more ways to improve your employee wellness programs! Get started today.

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Unlock the Secrets of Purposeful Parenting

July is Purposeful Parenting Month, and it promotes building strong, meaningful relationships between parents and children. Goals of Purposeful Parenting Month include children’s habits, growth in their independence and nutritional eating habits. One of the many ways to encourage parenting with a purpose is by modeling the specific behaviors that we want our children to obtain. Another way includes open communication, which has been proven to be a large component for success. Make time in your schedule to have open, honest conversations with your children. Allow times to play with your children, help them with their homework and stimulate their minds. Simple changes such as a family dinner discussion rather than a meal while watching T.V. creates steps in the right direction towards open communication. Game nights are always a fun idea, too!

“Taking the time to provide consistency, structure, accountability, along with unconditional love, support and understanding can increase the likelihood that your children will make healthy decisions.”   – David Niven, Ph.D.

Explore additional ideas to get involved with purposeful parenthood month. You have the power to make a difference in your child’s life.

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